No Claims Bonus and Long Term Agreement Discounts

At Champions we appreciate that insurance and risk management is a partnership between the insurer/reinsurers and the client.


Accordingly we offer No Claim Bonus Discounts at the end of each insurance period as a reward for clients who implement effective loss reducing risk management initiatives. Discounts vary depending on the policy type, and where one has had a discount in one period and experiences a bad run in another period, the No Claim Bonus provisions will work in reverse by adjusting the rates upwards to equate with the increasing losses. Discounts are flat 10% for non motor insurances and on motor a sliding scale from 0-50% is used.

The Claim Free period earned at another insurance company is recognised and rewarded at Champions so you can earn the discount if you can prove that you had a claim-free year in the expiring insurance period elsewhere by obtaining written confirmation from the previous insurer.


At Champions we also recognise long term relationships by allowing renewal discounts as follows: 5 years continuous insurance…5% discount and 10 years continuous insurance..10% discount.