Legal Aid Insurance

As the economy of Zimbabwe grows and strengthens, more and more people will get involved in economic activities and consequently rights may get infringed and people will want to seek recourse in the courts of law.  It is however unfortunate that the hour of need comes when one is least prepared for the financial obligations that go with enforcing one’s rights.  Even in private life there are many situations that arise which warrant people seeking peace at the courts and it is this gap which Champions seeks to cover.

With legal aid insurance from Champions you can enforce your rights or defend yourself in the event of litigation. The Product has three cover options as listed below with an option to increase the limit as follows:


LABOUR COVER $ 2 500 $3 @ 0.5% of limit
CIVIL COVER $ 3 000 $5 @ 0.5
COMPREHENSIVE COVER $ 5 000 $10 @ 0.5