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Champions Insurance has been operating
in Zimbabwe since 2003 and has stood the test of time. With this rich history, the company has gained valuable
experience operating in some of the toughest economic environments including the hyperinflation era, dollarization era, and
lately the multi-currency era. Valuable lessons have been acquired which have been institutionalized to make the business
resilient. The most notable impact of these environmental changes has been on our continued adaptation and risk solution
responses as we insulated our policyholders against the vagaries of inflation and macroeconomic instabilities.

Our Distinctiveness

Champions Insurance has set out to champion insurance penetration in Zimbabwe, by demystifying insurance and risk management through innovations aimed at promoting risk-based thinking and practice in all spheres of life. We are the Champions of Insurance, and to this end, we have taken the following bold steps to make sure we de-risk communities and business enterprise:

  • We command the most extensive brick and mortar distribution network in Zimbabwe which brings convenience to our clients. With this massive distribution network, you can get any of our services including claims document submissions.
  • All our risk solutions are backed by the strongest reinsurance securities to ensure optimal risk spread and efficient recoveries in the event of losses.
  • End to end digital ecosystem comprising chatbots, USSD, Mobile App and Web Portals which enable real-time transacting anywhere and anytime.

Our Strengths

We are the champions of insurance in the sense that we have created a true insurance ecosystem by putting risk at the core
of everything we do and therefore, endeavor to tame risk with every initiative, process, system, or activity we undertake. Risk
management and insurance are conjoint constructs, and one does not flourish without the other. At Champions Insurance, we
have perfected the art of insurance and risk management and the following are our pillars of strength:

  • Highly trained, specialized, and motivated staff
  • Fast claims settlements
  • Tailormade insurance and risk management solutions
  • Flexible payment plans built around monthly and quarterly auto-debit through Zimswitch and Mobile money payment gateways
  • Extensive physical distribution channel backed up by our digital ecosystem to reach out to all Zimbabweans
  • Adequately capitalized
  • Robust reinsurance facilities giving us capacity and balance sheet protection in both ZWL$ and USD
  • We closely collaborate with our brokers to offer custom designed solutions to our customers
  • We have an experienced risk management team to guide our brokers, and clients in developing risk mitigations that make insurance affordable and sustainable.
  • Vision

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    To be the insurer of first choice for every household and business in Zimbabwe.

    Mission Statement

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    To anticipate customer needs and provide risk financing solutions.



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