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Protect Your Business with Cyber Insurance Coverage and Solutions

Who Needs Cyber Security Insurance?

Every type of organization, from global companies to small and medium enterprises and any organisation that use technology to do business, face cyber risk. As technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats that businesses face. This is why every business and organization needs to be prepared with an effective cyber security plan to manage and mitigate cyber risk. At Champions Insurance, we understand the complexity of cyber threats. We have solutions to help insure and protect your business assets.

What is Cyber Security Insurance?

Cyber Security Insurance is a specialist insurance package protecting the business from losses or liabilities resulting from security breaches to the organisation’s digital universe thereby resulting in loss of information or actual financial prejudice. Our Digimune product takes cyber security to a much higher level by providing two levels of defense; a cyber security protection software pillar which provides anti-hack, and post hack risk mitigation, and an insurance pillar, which provides indemnity following a security breach or the costs of negotiating a ransom payment etc. The solutions can cover the individual, the SME, and the large corporate

What does Cyber Liability Insurance cover?

Cyber Security Insurance can cover costs associated with data breaches and cyber attacks on your business. Those costs can include such things as lost income due to a cyber event, costs associated with notifying customers affected by a breach, costs for recovering compromised data, costs for repairing damaged computer systems and more.

Champions offers customized insurance solutions depending on your business’ level of risk, with coverage options available to address: