Champions Insurance

Insurance for today’s Unique Transit Risks


The heavy haulage industry is the heartbeat of the Zimbabwean economy and like any other industry, there are risks involved Champions Insurance is offering short-term insurance solutions for heavy commercial vehicles operators. Having the right insurance to cover your business operations is important, whether that is cover for your trucks, trailers or liability for the goods you carry. We provide tailor-made truck insurance policies to best suit the needs of both sole operators and companies with fleets of trucks.


This covers trucks that are used within business functions such as trucks used for delivery purposes, pick-ups and, goods transportation, amongst others. This insurance cover is vital for any business as it financially protects the respective commercial vehicle from any damages that can be caused due to accidents, collisions, natural calamities, fires, and thefts. We also issue third party cover for commercial trucks and trailers.

Covers damage or loss of goods while in transit by road, rail and post within Zimbabwe.

Cover cargo originating from or to destinations outside our borders while in transit by sea, air and road. Territorial limits – SADC countries excluding Angola

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