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What is liability Insurance?

Liability insurance protects your business in the event that someone makes a claim against it for bodily harm or property damage. On a daily basis, your company touches the lives of many people, including contractors, clients, customers and the general public. And, at any given point, one or several of these people could claim that your business has caused them bodily injury or property damage and initiate legal recourse. Champions Insurance helps you prepare and protect against these types of risks with our wide range of general and business liability insurance solutions.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Champions commercial liability business insurance covers a variety of claims for damages that can result from:

Who Needs Liability Insurance Coverage?

Liability Insurance Coverage Solutions:

Injured Person

Employer's And Residual Liability

This policy provides indemnity in respect of injury to any of the insured’s employees arising out of and in the course of employment and all sums that the insured shall become responsible in terms of Section 74 (1) of the NSSA Notice 1990.

Floor Slipping

Public Liability

This covers your legal liabilities for property damage or bodily injury to third parties arising from your insured business. This can be extended to include liability for any products you have supplied, manufactured or repaired, as well as defective workmanship, excluding the actual item worked on or provided. This does not include product recall and product guarantee.

Failed Business

Director's And Officers Liability

This policy provides cover in respect of all sums up to the chosen limit, which the Executive and Non-Executive Directors and or Officers of insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of loss arising from:

  • Any wrongful act in their respective capacities including legal defense costs.
  • Any wrongful Act in their respective capacities pursuant to common and statutory law or contract or the Memorandum or Articles of Association including legal defense costs. Officers covered include Non-executive Directors, Executive Directors, Ex-officio Directors and Senior Managers.

Umbrella Liability

This provides cover on an excess of loss, difference in conditions and additional risks basis for any underlying legal liability insurance you already have in place (with Champions Insurance only).

Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident (Individuals And Employees)

This cover protects your employees by providing you with compensation for any accidental bodily injury suffered by an employee. Standard cover is for death, permanent disability, temporary total disablement, and limited medical expenses

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee (Theft by Employees)

Although you take great care in appointing a qualified and ethical workforce, employees may still commit fraud or theft. Our cover includes compensation for financial loss due to theft of money or stock by an employee or employees

Proffesional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

This class of insurance reimburses a professional person against claims which might be made alleging that injury or loss resulted from their actions