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Many people desire to own a vehicle at some point in life. Driving is a risky exercise because you are prone to road accidents or stresses that come from vehicle damages or theft. Of course, the risk is worth taking when you have your car insurance in place. Therefore `it’s a must to get at least a third part insurance for all vehicle owners. The comprehensive cover is by far the most flexible one because of its many benefits. You can check out more here


Difference between the third-party and comprehensive cover

In the event of a road accident, third-party covers the vehicle you crash on, that is if you are the one caught on the wrong end. Comprehensive cover takes care of your vehicle as well as the other part.

Now that we know all this and wondering how to claim your insurance, here are two scenarios in which you are required to make a claim.


Scenario 1: You crash into someone’s vehicle

On that bad day when you crash into someone’s vehicle, they will make a claim against your motor insurance. This is what we term the third-party claim. They are the third party to you and our insurance company. Champions Insurance as your insurer will process the claim, but the other part needs to be patient because we might want to investigate the accident to determine that you are truly at fault.


Scenario 2: Someone crashes into you

When someone else causes the accident, you can take them through scenario 1, if you are under third-party insurance. If you have a Comprehensive Cover, you can turn to it. This is an easier route since you can avoid the hassles that come with dealing with an underinsured driver.


Let’s investigate steps that you can take in lodging your claim:


1.     Check on your wellness

When involved in a car accident, the first thing is to calm down and make sure you and your passengers have not been injured. Minimize road rage so that you have sufficient information from both parties. Make sure you are safe wherever you will be as you wait for the police.


2.     Exchange information

Make it easy for the other part to get the information they need to file a claim, hoping they do the same to you too.   


3.     Take photos

At this point and time, your cell phone is an important asset as you need to take pictures of the:

·       Damages caused to your car and the other vehicles involved

·       Number plates

·       Road conditions like potholes, slippery

·       Any other contributing factors such as nearby intersections and road signs

·       Other drivers’ insurance ID cards

Your phone should date stamp and record the time the photos were taken. You should also note the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.


4.     Get a police report

Make sure to verify the responding police officer’s details and obtain a copy of the police report as soon as it is filed, and check for accuracy.


5.     Contact us

Send a word to us immediately upon the occurrence of an accident and in the event of any claim. Letters, claims, or processes need to be sent to us as soon as you receive them. Submit the following documents for your claim to be processed:

·       Completed claim form

·       Police report

·       Driver’s license

·       Proof of insurance

·       3 quotations of vehicle repairs

·       Proof of medical expenses and quotations for treatment in the event of injuries

·       Death certificates


All claims will be paid timeously if all the above-listed documents are submitted on time subject to our assessment.