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The mystery behind happy drivers

Have you ever looked at the driver in the vehicle next to you on that early morning drive to work and notice them smiling in ecstasy? You probably wonder what is making them so excited. Most likely they had  slept peacefully, knowing that if anyone  breaks into their vehicle to steal their radio, headlights, battery or the vehicle itself; they are fully covered and their insurance would take care of the loss.

In winter we generally have shorter days and longer nights than in summer. Research shows that the human body desires to sleep more when temperatures drop. It is so disheartening that thieves know this too and they take advantage of it. Apparently, there has been a sharp increase in vehicle break ins and theft over the past few months in Zimbabwe.  Sad, right?

Worry not, we got you covered with our Comprehensive Cover.

What is a Comprehensive cover?

This is what most people call “Full Cover”. If your vehicle is on Comprehensive cover, it is fully covered in the event of accidents, third party property damage, fire, and theft.

Why choose Champions Insurance?

  • Friendly and Professional Assistance from our Experienced Underwriters

Your Comprehensive Cover journey starts when you get friendly and professional assistance from our experienced Underwriters. They will take you through the requirements and provide your quote timeously.

  • Effective communication

Champions Insurance communicates with you throughout the whole process, through emails and phone calls, updating you on your policy and advising you of any offers and promotions.

  • Covers damages to your vehicle efficiently

In the unfortunate event of an accident when you are on Comprehensive cover, Champions Insurance will pay for the damages to your vehicle and the third-party vehicle up to a specified limit.  This cover provides you with financial protection against third party liabilities; be it bodily injury or property damage. As if this is not enough, Champions Insurance also provides towing services from the accident scene.

  • Peace of mind

We are all searching for value from our service providers. As Champions Insurance our main  value is your peace of mind. When you place your vehicle on the Comprehensive cover, you can go about your day fully assured that if you get involved in an accident, we have got you covered. You will sleep peacefully at night knowing that should there be a break in, we will compensate for the loss of your vehicle accessories.

If you’d like more information about how to get affordable motor vehicle insurance to suit your pocket, Champions Insurance is one call away. Please call +263 86 77 004068 or email or visit any of our Head Office and branches across all leading retailers (Food World, Pick and Pay, Choppies and NetOne Offices) countrywide.

So, next time you see a driver smiling in their car and you can’t figure out why; it’s simply because they are Fully covered by the Champions of insurance!